Thanga Malar Saving Scheme

Terms & Conditions for Thanga Malar Saving Scheme:

Thanga Malar savings scheme is fixed amount 11 months scheme. Under this scheme members can avail one month instalment amount as bonus on the total amount remitted after completion of 11 months.

1. The monthly subscription amount to be paid by cash / credit or debit card / online payment every month on or before 10th, continuously for 11 months.The instalments cannot be carried over or paid in advance.

2. After having paid the subscription continuously for 11 months, on the 12th month the member is eligible to purchase 916 EXP Gold or Silver Jewels with additional one instalment amount as bonus on the total amount paid. No cash payments will be made.

3. Members who are not paying monthly subscription continuously for 12 months will be terminated from this scheme. Defaulting members will be eligible for the terminal benefit only after completion of 11 months.

4. With respect to members who discontinue from the scheme before completion of 11 months, members are not eligible for bonus.They can buy jewels for the amount paid.

5. This scheme is unique to its subscribers and cannot be linked with any other offers which are either existing or going to be introduced.

6. Gold coins will not be issued under this scheme.

Installment Amounts for 11 Months 10000 /- 5000 /- 2500 /- 1000 /- 500 /-
Bonus 10000 /- 5000 /- 2500 /- 1000 /- 500 /-